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Timeva is a minimal, hyper customizable productivity timer built for those that want to get the most out of their time. Download Timeva for FREE here for WIN & MAC!

Manage your time your way with Timeva.

Member Key

Timeva offers a 30 day free trial of all features. If your trial ran out and you enjoy using Timeva to stay productive and focused, get your Timeva Member Key.

Your Member Key will unlock every TIMEVA feature!

Say goodbye to the 5 minute member trial limit.

Unlock the full potential of TIMEVA for one device!

Not Another Subscription 😭

Uhh, it's not - to get your Timeva member key you pay ONCE and that's it.

Compared to other software with monthly subscription, your Timeva Member Key is basically free. Support the creator by joining the indie dev journey!


⏳ Remove the 5 minute trial limit

⛓ Chain your tasks together with Pomodoro Chaining

📊 Manage your time and track your productivity with Timesheets

💬 Quickly jump into your work and study with Activity Tags

🔊 Unlock every alert sound

🎨 Unlock every color theme

🟢 Unlock every progress bar

🧱 Build your own custom color themes

⏰ Import your own alert sounds

⚙️ Micro mode

Manage your time - your way

Upgrade your time with the TIMEVA member key.

See every feature in action here.

If you have any questions or run into any issues please contact us at dan@lbulb.app


How many devices can I use this member key on?

  • One member key unlocks all Timeva features for one device.
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Get your lifetime member key

Progress bars
Alert sounds
Color themes
Import my own alert sounds
Make my own themes
Micro mode
No time limit
Devices (macOS or Windows)
Pomodoro Chaining
Timesheet (With Export)
Activity Tags
2.89 MB
4 pages


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Timeva Member Key

1 rating
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